Notes and Sayings 1

Generical Man holds honesty as a primary virtue. In the most extreme of circumstances he may lie, but he is diminished by it.

He is honest about himself. In the eyes of the stupid or lazy it is self-deprecation.

Because of his honesty, he will make blunt statements and take inconvenient stances, although he would not call them stances.

He knows that politics is necessary and good in the same way that money is necessary and good. Both can be the roots of all kinds of evil.

He avoids self-aggrandizement. He would not say he is telling “an inconvenient truth”, or that he “tells it like it is”. Both statements betray moral presumption. The best we can hope for is to tell it as we see it, and hope that’s right.

He avoids clichés as if they are a highly infectious disease.

Generical Man usually does not impress in a job interview.

He lets his yeahs be yeahs and his nays be nays.

He doesn’t use the word “great” very often, but when he does he means it. He will not give a standing ovation to a grade school performance of Shakespeare, unless there is a little Richard Burton in the cast.

He hates manipulation with heart, mind, and soul. He avoids its odor.

He likes people when they are not in crowds. He doesn’t like manipulative people, who are the ones usually leading a crowd.

Men who believe themselves evil have not done half the harm to the world as men who believe themselves good.